If you’re a Kratom enthusiast or read a lot about the plant, you must have come across several Kratom associations. However, the most prominent one is the American Kratom Association.

So, what is American Kratom Association? What do they do?

As the name gives way, the association’s work surrounds Kratom in the US. Being a member of the Kratom community, you should know about the association. Thankfully, they are doing a ton of work so that you can buy Kratom safely.

What is American Kratom Association?

American Kratom Association AKA

Made in 2014, AKA aims to ensure that everyone across the US can buy Kratom. They want to protect the customers from both: legal action and low product quality.

The AKA believes that people in every state of the US should be able to buy Kratom. They work with lawmakers of each state to pass laws in Kratom lovers’ favor. Mainly, they work in three fields.


The AKA works to keep you safe during Kratom purchase. They do so in two ways. First, they test and check vendors for quality to ensure that you’re buying from the best.

Second, they work with the government in your state. It is due to the AKA’s actions that Kratom is legal in so many states. People can buy, sell, and carry Kratom without any legal worry.


Kratom sales are going in millions, which means more people are aware of Kratom than ever.

Nowadays, many people want to learn more about Kratom, but there’s a lot of false information on the media about the plant.

The AKA filters and puts the correct information on its website. You’ll find everything from Kratom’s science to history on the AKA’s website. Also, they update about new Kratom laws in different states.

Everyone, newbies and veterans, can use the AKA’s website as their source of Kratom news.


Lastly, the AKA advocated for Kratom. With the media and the DEA opposing it, people have many false views about Kratom. Their work for Kratom advocacy is aimed at making sure people know the truth about the herb.

What Does the AKA do? aka in us

The AKA has a mission; to make sure that people are buying high-quality Kratom and to prevent a Kratom ban by the DEA or the FDA.


As mentioned earlier, the AKA works for the buyers’ safety. Thus, they have a quality program for vendors.

The Good Manufacturing Practices program extends to all vendors across the US. Made for improving Kratom safety across the country, it filters out vendors selling low-quality Kratom.

When manufacturers sell subpar Kratom, the Kratom dangers rise. As a result, the chances of it being banned also increase.

The AKA checks vendors based on their product quality and testing. They only approve the sellers who follow their set of rules.

Preventing the DEA Ban

Kratom enthusiasts worry that they might hear about the Kratom Ban 2020 any day. The AKA educates people about Kratom, clearing confusion often created by the media.

Kratom buyers shouldn’t worry about the FDA Kratom ban or the DEA Kratom ban. It only takes a visit to the AKA’s website to know that no such ban is in action.

The AKA posts educational information for the government, suppliers, buyers, lawmakers, and vendors.

Increasing Outreach

Lastly, the American Kratom Association wants to make sure that the plant stays legal in the US. Currently, there’s a lot of confusion about Kratom legality in some states.

Taking a look at the Kratom legality map will give you a good idea about this.

The AKA advocates for legal Kratom use, pushing lawmakers to pass bills that will benefit Kratom lovers. For instance, the Kratom Consumer Protection Act in Arizona was passed via AKA’s help.

If you’re a newbie, you can go to AKA’s website to learn about what they do. Also, you’ll find a lot of information about Kratom and its science there.

Why should the AKA work alone? It’s up to us to help them make Kratom common and accessible. If you’re a buyer, you should support the AKA’s claims and pleas. Raise your voice when something anti-Kratom takes place in your state on a government level.

Final Words

Finally, being Kratom enthusiasts, we should all be thankful to the American Kratom Association for all their work. It’s due to them that we can easily buy Kratom strains and Kratom colors in most states.

Additionally, the AKA has also approved vendors that sell high-quality Kratom capsules and Kratom powder. If you’re a buyer, go through AKA’s guidelines to ensure that you’re buying from the best vendors.

Moreover, being a vendor, you should get involved with the AKA and keep the Kratom verse alive. To learn more, you can always find help on our Kratom blog.

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